Bundle your tech services

People looking at a computerMany small businesses have decentralized technology solutions, or multiple service providers managing different tools and services. Sound like you? Instead of having disparate companies owning different portions of your technology tools, now you can bundle your services under one provider. Here are some reasons to partner:

  • Improve employee productivity: Instead of having employees manage different technology service vendors, or they themselves owning technology tools in addition to their day jobs, allow one, central provider to manage the following:
    • Network
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Devices
    • Security
  • Cut Costs: Reduce your expenses by using a partner that is an extension of your business, not an enterprise. Check out more information on how Adivi can reduce your expenses here.
  • Gain access to training: Allow experts to train your employees on their applications and devices, so that they don’t have to spend the time learning new tools on their own.
  • Protect your data: Deploying multi-level protection across all of your technology tools will ensure that your proprietary data remains safe.
  • Monitor your tools: Using a third party will allow you to ensure your technology is always managed. Many partners, including Adivi, offer 24/7 maintenance and monitoring so you can ensure your technology is up-to-date and your network is always running.

Do you want to bring all of your technology tools and services under one provider? Contact us. We’d love to help you centralize your recourses.