Business technology trends for fall

People on devicesLabor Day is behind us and most of us are gearing up for fall. This year, Chicago Public Schools are taking their classes online, while some companies are returning to an in-person office environment. No matter where your employees are working at this time, here are some trends we are noticing with clients:

Woman browsing on laptopVirtual Computing Applications: One of the most common trends we are seeing is the use of virtual computing or “device takeover” applications. These tools allow users to access their office desktop from anywhere, via the Internet. Users can mirror the experience of their remote desktop from their personal devices, and have everything they need to get work done. Some of our favorite apps are Logmein, PCAnywhere, VNC (Virtual Network Computing), RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).

Virtual meetings: The Zoom “Boom” took off this summer when companies had to adapt to virtual work meetings. But, there are many meeting applications out there. Contact us to learn which application is right for your business needs.

Woman video chattingOnline gatherings: Many companies are struggling to maintain a personal connection between employees during this time, especially if a common office space is not being used. In addition to hosting traditional business meetings, consider utilizing your meeting technology to enjoy a happy hour drink with your coworkers.

Personal device usage: Back in early spring, some companies struggled to arm their employees with adequate devices and tools to get work done from home. To ensure work is always doable, consider allowing employees to outfit their personal devices with access to company networks.

Woman using phone applicationMulti-factor authentication: In order to achieve maximum security across employees' personal Internet networks or personal devices, deploy a multi-factor authentication tool or service. This will require employees to get a one-time password each time they log into a device or secure company application.

Do you want to learn more about which technology tools are right for your company? Contact us. We’d love to help you stay on-trend.