Mac vs. PC

Man browsing on a Mac laptopMany employees need portable laptops and monitors that they can use in their homes or in their offices. How do you know whether to invest in a Mac or a PC, such as HP or Dell? Traditionally, designers and graphic artists prefer using Macs to PCs. Yet, employees using Microsoft Office applications find better file sharing and compatibility across PCs. We've uncovered some best practices to consider when operating both devices:

PowerShutting down:
Many Mac users do not have a problem closing the lid of their device without shutting down completely. However, for optimum PC performance, be sure to shut down completely before closing the device. Many programs will need to restart from scratch and you will have better program performance.

PCs work best while charging, and have a difficult time restarting from a drained battery. Macs tend to withstand lower battery and have an easier time connecting to a charge, even on 1%.

File sharingFile sharing:
Microsoft office files are shared with maximum compatibility between PCs. Macs require some reformatting if accepting a shared file from a PC, which may cause some ease of use issues.

Internet Network Connectivity:
Both Macs and PCs are built to connect. If either type of device is having issues connecting, it is best practice to restart both devices. If you are still unable to connect to the Internet, restart your router.

DesignCreative Suites:
While Adobe Creative Suite is functional on both types of devices, many employees prefer creating designs on Macs. The Mac Operating Systems have a slightly better user interface when it comes to designing files on devices.

Whether your employees receive a Mac or PC, be sure to work with a managed service provider to help streamline your employee technology onboarding process.

Do you have more questions about which device is right for your business? Contact us. We'd love to help you throughout the selection and implementation process.