Security refresh: Safe search

SearchHave you ever felt like your computer or phone is listening to your conversations? Ever been scrolling on a news site and see an ad for that shirt you had browsed earlier? Nowadays, targeted advertisements based on your interests are sweeping the internet.

So how do they know what to show you? Most of the time, you’ve typed a query into a search bar and now that data is being used to serve advertisements to you.

While many purchases are made this way, it can leave some Internet users worried about security, especially on your work devices. No need to fear – we’ve rounded up three tips to practice safe search and ensure your data and your company is safe:

Clear your search history oftenclear history
In order to keep your company data close to the vest, you’ll want to clear your browsing history often. This way, in the event of a network security breach, your company sites, projects, and ideas will not be visible to a hacker.

Browse content

Refrain from searching for recreational queries on your work devices
Try to keep personal browsing and searching to a minimum. In addition to being more productive, this will allow you to steer clear of untrusted sites that may not have your data security in mind.

Contact information

Supply your data to trusted sources
When you click on a result that you’ve searched for, make sure you are clicking on reliable sources. Don’t enter your work (or personal for that matter) information into sites that are untrusted.

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