Technology partners and tools we love

People meeting around a table with computers

This February, we're rounding up our favorite technology partners and solutions. Clients often ask for advice on which provider to go with, which application will achieve their goals, or which platform is the best for their business needs. When it comes to business technology solutions, we have answers. Help us to spread the love this season by reading more:

1) VOIP phone system partners
VOIP systems make it easy to use your business telephone service from anywhere. We partner with Ring Central, 8x8 and Nextiva. If you want to transition to an online telecommunication system, Adivi will manage any set-up, updates, or issues you may have with your system right from the online service.

2) Drive
Google Drive is a great way to manage file storage and file sharing. This password protected system is a great way to provide your teams with access to important information, without having to manage files locally on individual computers. If you opt not to use an online filing system, be sure to check out our case study on how to recover deleted files.

3) GMail
The GMail suite from Google is a great tool for small businesses. With features like chat, calendar, and integrations into Drive, your employees can access all the platforms they need right from GMail. We recommend our clients use this service for their mail hosting so that everything is in one place.

4) Teamwork
Teamwork is an excellent project management tool that clients can use to track progress. Users draw in tasklists to projects and can assign appropriate team members to check-off tasks by the predetermined due date. This is a great productivity tool that can help clients get work done.

If you'd like to consult with us on which tools and partners are best for your company, contact us. We'd be delighted to help you find business technology that you love.